Why dry skin needs an extra portion of care

Tips to keep your skin soft and supple

Our skin helps to protect our body from excessive water loss. The outermost skin layer, and the hydrolipidic film that coats it, help do the job. But if this natural protective barrier is weakened, for instance by environmental factors, moisture can easily escape, causing dry skin.

Our skin has different layers

Our skin, the body’s largest organ, consists of several layers which protect us effectively from environmental influences. The outermost layer – the stratum corneum, also called the horny layer – together with the hydrolipidic film that coats it – are crucial to moisture retention in the skin. The cells of the stratum corneum are bound together by lipids, just like mortar between the bricks of a wall. Natural moisturising factors (NMFs) present in the skin also play an important role in keeping the skin well hydrated by attracting and retaining water. These elements are also present in the hydrolipidic film. Also called the acid mantle, this top layer is a matrix of water and lipids, created mainly from sweat and sebum, by-products of the keratinisation process (cell renewal process), and water that has passed through the skin.

How does skin retain moisture?

The high lipid content in the corneum stratum (horny layer) and hydrolipidic film (acid mantle), the complex structure of the outermost layer of the epidermis and its natural moisturising factors (NMFs) all work together to prevent excessive moisture loss from normal and oily skin. The skin needs moisture in order to function properly. Among other things, it ensures that the corneum stratum remains smooth and elastic. Lack of moisture disrupts the natural balance of the skin and makes it feel dry.

There are both internal and external factors that cause dry skin. In most cases, dryness occurs when the body does not produce enough lipids and natural moisturising factors (NMFs). When it loses the ability to retain moisture effectively, the skin becomes unbalanced, feeling dry and tight. Other symptoms may include skin that is rough, cracked, itchy or flaky.

When does your skin need more moisture?

Normal and oily skin

Essentially, all skin types benefit from hydrating skin care products. Sometimes normal and oily skin becomes temporarily dehydrated, for instance after bathing or use of a skin cleanser. Cleansing the skin not only removes makeup, dirt, bacteria, and excess sebum, but also partially or entirely removes the hydrolipidic film. But normal and oily skin can compensate for the lack of moisture and repair the skin barrier on its own. A light moisturizer is enough to support this process, no need for a heavy cream.

Dry and extremely dry skin

Skin that has insufficient moisture over a longer period of time can range from dry to very dry or severe dry skin. With these types of skin condition, the skin is unable to compensate for the lack of moisture and lipids within a short period of time. That’s why a good skincare routine for dry skin includes the use of a rich moisturizer. For long-term improvement, it’s even more important to maintain the skin’s lipid balance to improve its protective barrier. Skin care for dry skin not only hydrates but also improves the skin’s natural defences by adding a high amount of lipids. But dry skin treatment is individual and how high the lipid content is in the moisturiser, body lotion or cream depends on personal needs and preferences.

7 dry skin care tips

  1. Avoid long and excessive showers and baths. This and the use of very hot water and harsh soaps can strip away your skin’s natural oils, worsen dry skin, and can cause other side effects like redness or itchy skin.
  2. Adding a splash of nourishing natural oil to your bath forms a protective film over the skin and helps keep your skin hydrated. After showering or bathing, pamper your skin with a moisture-rich lotion.
  3. When it comes to skincare products, look for high-quality, natural ingredients. Formulations with nourishing plant oils support the strength, balance and beauty of your skin naturally.
  4. Our skin is as individual as we are, so make sure you choose the body moisturiser that best suits your skin type. Weleda’s six new body lotions are tailored to different skin types, so you can choose the one best suited to your individual needs.
  5. Body lotions are ideal for your everyday skincare routine. Lightweight and fast absorbing, they leave your skin feeling comfortably hydrated. Body oils and body butters are perfect for more intensive, sensual skincare moments.
  6. Skin care should be as rich as needed. It’s a common myth that you can overdo it with moisturiser when it comes to dry skin, which actually needs an extra boost of care. It helps to use a rich moisturizer on particularly dry areas of the skin such as the elbows or shins.
  7. Weleda body lotions can be further enriched with a splash of Weleda body oil from the same series. Put a small amount of lotion in the palm of your hand and add one or two pumps of body oil, blending directly in your hand, then apply. The additional oil makes the lotion even richer and tailors your favourite lotion to your needs in the twinkling of an eye.

Moisturizing care with Weleda Body Lotions

Our new body lotions contain nourishing skin care substances such as natural plant oils extracted from seeds or sun-ripened fruits. They help the skin to help itself, supporting its strength, balance and beauty naturally. Made only with natural ingredients, they have been developed to meet the needs of different skin types. Each lotion is enveloped in a delightful fragrance developed by our in-house perfumers using 100 percent natural essential oils or plant extracts.*

*Except for Sensitive Body Lotion (fragrance free)

The new Weleda Body Lotions

percent of the fragrance is of natural essential oils or plant extracts (except for the fragrance free Sensitive Body Lotion)
percent of the packaging is made of recycled plastic (without lid and label)
percent of the ingredients are of natural origin

Skin Food Body Lotion

Deeply nourishing and indulging skin care.
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Sensitive Body Lotion

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