What face care range is right for you?

Aligning face care to your skin type and stage of life is key to supporting and enhancing your natural beauty, both now and in the years to come.

Discover the best face care range for skin that is sensitive, dry or blemished, or for supporting skin during your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50+.

Sensitive Skin

For stressed or sensitive skin of all ages, our fragrance-free range helps soothe to reduce irritation and reddening, restoring the skin's natural balance and enhancing its protective barrier.

Support your sensitive skin

Dry Skin

The iconic Skin Food range is ideal for dry skin of all ages. Get deeply nourished, intensely hydrated skin and a naturally beautiful complexion.

Discover the award-winning range

Blemished Skin

With its antibacterial effects, clarifying willow bark combats impurities for visibly clearer skin. Helps combat problem skin and pores, prone to blackheads, spots and pimples to leave skin soothed, moisturised and visibly clearer.

Get clearer skin today

20s - Balancing Iris

Balances all skin types and protects against moisture loss. Skin-quenching iris delivers a moisture boost for a dewy glow.

Retain your youthful glow

30s - Smoothing Wild Rose

Ideal for the intensive nourishment and defence of skin seeing the first signs of aging. Softens and defends against the onset of fine lines, renewing radiance and intensively moisturising to restore a rosy glow.

Prevent fine lines

40s - Firming Pomegranate & Maca Peptides

Antioxidant enriched organic pomegranate and maca peptides nourish and strengthen all skin types. Encourages cell renewal leaving skin smoother, firmer and naturally radiant. Active skin regeneration reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Regenerate and reduce wrinkles

50+ - Age Revitalising Evening Primrose

Helps protect, plump and revitalise mature skin, leaving deep lines noticeably reduced, and skin tone more even and visibly firmer.

Revitalise and firm mature skin

All ages & skin types - Hydrating Prickly Pear

Instantly hydrate and moisturise your skin for up to 24 hours. Prickly pear cactus leaves tired skin instantly refreshed and invigorated.

Get all day hydration

Men's Face Care

Our effective men's range featuring no-nonsense, hard-working natural ingredients. Leaves skin fresh and smooth the entire day. Suitable for wet or dry shaving skin care routines.

Discover the ideal shaving routine

Q. What should I use for eye makeup removal?

Our Sensitive Facial Oil gently, yet effectively, removes eye makeup and nourishes the eye area. Apply to a slightly damp cotton pad and pat over the eye area.

Safe, effective eye makeup removal

Q. How do I get tailored product recommendations?

Let’s get started on your perfect skin care with our Skin Consultant. It takes just a few steps to find the ideal routine for unique skin like yours. You’ll know the answers in just a few steps.

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Q. What ages skin?

When skin ages cell division is slower and the Epidermis gets thinner. The skin metabolism gets slower, sweats less, and loses oils and proteins. Collagen and elastin, two protein fibres which give the skin its elasticity and resilience begin to loose elasticity and the ability to hold water, causing skin to become dry.

As we age, skin becomes more easily damaged, light sensitive, with more visible pigmentation. Lines and wrinkles from laughter and other habitual facial expressions deepen.

Skin ages for two reasons: environmental stress, (eg sun damage or photo-aging), and intrinsic aging, where protein fibres are naturally replaced at a slower rate.

We can’t stop fibre replacement slowing down, but we can help prevent the damage from environmental stress.

Q. What does my skin type say about me?

Dry skin, oily skin, combination skin – why are there different skin types? What care do they need? How are women’s and men’s skin different?

Find out now

Q. What are skin cycles and what phase am I in?

Our skin tells the stories of our lives. Our Weleda Doctor Sandra Johansson, who is also a dermatologist, explains about how our skin changes over time and what we can do to support it. Find out about  your skin cycles and what phase you are in right now.

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Sensitive Facial Cream - Almond

Richly moisturises and protects skin
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Skin Food Nourishing Day Cream

Hydrates and restores skin
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Blemished Skin Refining Lotion

Matt finish and moisture for blemished skin
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Balancing Day Cream - Iris

Richly moisturises skin for lasting hydration for normal to dry skin
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Smoothing Day Cream - Wild Rose

Effective skin care to protect against the first signs of ageing
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Firming Day Cream Pomegranate & Maca Peptides

Reduces lines and wrinkles - Naturally radiant skin
51 reviews
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Age Revitalising Day Cream – Evening Primrose

Intensive formula, reduces the appearance of deep lines
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Hydrating 24h Facial Cream, 30ml

Weightless hydration for normal to dry skin
7 reviews
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Moisture Cream for Men

Fast-absorbed daily moisture cream with a clean, fresh fragrance
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