Sophia Healing Centre

About us

Located in the Weleda New Zealand head office in Havelock North, the Sophia Healing Centre is an anthroposophical initiative for improving health and wellbeing. The current health professionals Dr. Helen M. Proctor, Dr. Rob Maunsell and Dr. Richard E. Drexel are experienced General Practitioners and Specialists in Anthroposophic Medicine.

Anthroposophic Medicine is an integrative medical system, an extension of conventional medicine incorporating a holistic approach to the human being, nature, to illness and healing.  For more information see Anthroposophic Medicine: An Integrative Medical System Originating in Europe. Gunver S. Kienle et. al.

We draw on our post graduate training in Herbal Medicine, Chirotherapy, Manual Medicine and Massage including for children and infants, Osteopathy, Acupuncture, Neural Therapy, Classical Homeopathy, Eurythmy Therapy (Art Therapy), Psychiatry, Psychotherapy including Family Therapy.

The Sophia Healing Centre is not presently functioning as a full time clinic and therefore cannot offer acute care services.

It is the intension of the Sophia Healing Centre to provide patient-centered health care and answers to actual questions of our health care system. Therefore, we are involved not only in medical care but also in scientific research and education.

We are open to network with other holistic health care providers and conventional specialists to support fruitful cooperation of our complementary skills to achieve optimal outcomes for our patients.

To book an appointment

Click on the link below to go to the Appointment Booking Site.  

  1. First choose the length of time; For Dr Drexel and Dr Proctor you must select Standard 60 minutes regardless of the actual time the appointment will be for.
  2. Selecting the doctor is Step 2.

To change or cancel an appointment

To change or cancel an appointment with Dr Drexel or Dr Proctor leave a message on their phone line: 027 411 2911. For Dr Maunsell TEXT him on 027 443 1490.