We unfold health and beauty in harmony with nature and the human being

Protecting the earth and making life better for people and nature is important to us in everything we do. That’s why we’ve developed a set of seven guiding principles that reflect our values.

1. We communicate with transparency and honesty

We communicate transparently and honestly with you, our partners and our suppliers. This is the basis for our business relationships around the world. We are reliable and cultivate long-term partnerships.

2. We treat employees as partners

Weleda employees contribute to our company’s development with their individual skills. We support our employees and promote a sense of individual responsibility. They are involved in decision-making processes and inspire our innovations.

3. We take a holistic approach to quality

The natural raw materials we use in our products are processed in a way that they can unfold their full effect. We view the human being holistically, in terms of body, mind and spirit. To us, the earth is a living organism that is connected to the cosmos. This understanding gives us insight into which substances from nature are suitable for our products and how they benefit the organism as a whole. Our ongoing scientific research and development underpin this holistic understanding of quality.

Unfolding health and beauty in harmony with nature and the human being – that is our goal.

4. We draw on knowledge from the natural sciences and the humanities

We develop and research innovative products and therapeutic approaches. In doing so, we draw on knowledge from both the natural sciences and the humanities for a modern perspective and a holistic understanding of health and wellbeing.

5. We act sustainably by conserving resources

The earth’s resources are limited. They must be protected so that people and nature can thrive. We take this responsibility seriously and set high environmental standards. For us, sustainability means protecting and preserving natural resources by promoting biodynamic cultivation and biodiversity.

6. We act ethically and create value

Our mission is to maintain and promote the health and wellbeing of each individual. But we want to do even more than develop products that enhance your wellbeing. We want to help nature and treat our suppliers and partners with respect. We want to support further initiatives to help the planet – for example for seeds, bees and farmland. And we want our business to be profitable. Our ethical and quality standards are binding for our entire company.

7. Cultural diversity is important to us

Weleda has offices in 20 countries, and the cultural diversity this creates in our company is both inspiring and powerful. We treat all people with respect.