Perineum Massage Oil

Increases skin elasticity and resilience

Weleda Perineum Massage Oil gently cares and increases skin elasticity and resilience through regular massages supporting childbirth.

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Most women want to give birth without an episiotomy. Preparation for birth, which also includes targeted loosening of the perineal tissue, increases the chance of this. The sensitive skin in the birth area needs specific massages to gain elasticity and flexibility and regular massages can help to reduce the risk of perineal tear and episiotomy.


Weleda Perineum Massage Oil is a 100% natural mild composition, based on delicate, smoothing sweet almond oil. Combined with organic sesame and jojoba oil and vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil, it is especially formulated for massages which help the perineum to become more flexible and relaxed.


The delicate floral fragrance of natural clary sage, geranium and rose  helps to boost your strength and confidence. 


  • Ideal for massages to prepare skin in birth area
  • 100% natural
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven, even on sensitive skin.
  • Developed with pharmacists and midwives



agree: skin feels more elastic*


agree: skin feels more resilient*


agree: skin feels smoother**

*In-use study, 33 women after 6 weeks applied twice daily


Natural cosmetics are not always natural cosmetics. NATRUE is the first internationally recognised quality seal for organic and natural cosmetics and thus creates clarity in the label ‘jungle’. Any products featuring the label of NATRUE guarantee the highest standards.



With precious ingredients from organic farming. This label guarantees that Weleda uses high-quality ingredients that are certified organic.


Weleda contributes to a world in which people and biodiversity strive. The UEBT label for “SOURCING WITH RESPECT” certifies that biodiversity is being protected during the cultivation, harvesting and further processing of the natural ingredients we use. 


Products that are marked as vegan don’t contain any raw materials derived from animals.

All Weleda cosmetic products and foods are suitable for vegetarians abstaining from meat and fish.

How to use

How to use

From the 35th week of pregnancy, massage the perineal area regularly with a few drops of the oil. For more details please see packaging.

Customer reviews (2)

Customer reviews (2)


This oil is so gentle, effective and smells divine. The instructions on how to use it are very useful and clear. I highly recommend it!


Great incentive to do perineum stretching exercises