Dry Skin - Stressed Hands?

People who frequently wash their hands or handle substances at work that could harm the skin need special care for their hands. The ideal hand cream should be able to close “gaps” in the skin’s protective barrier by supplementing missing lipids with high-quality plant oils and natural fats. This strengthens the body’s natural layer. Only if we have a strong, healthy skin barrier will less moisture escape from our body, and our skin’s moisture reservoir be maintained.

Few people realise is that the skin on the back of our hands is about as thin as the skin on our face. The reason the skin on our hands tends to dry out is because it has few sebaceous glands.

Farmers, gardeners, florists, hairdressers, doctors, nurses or craftsmen are especially prone to dry hands but now that we are all washing our hands more often, we too need to look after our hands' delicate skin. 

Healing our hands while we sleep

Our skin regenerates itself especially at night, when it is not stressed by everyday activities such as washing. That’s why it makes sense to give our hands special care right before going to bed. 


At night, natural plant oils with essential fatty acids are absorbed well into the skin to strengthen its barrier, undisturbed by external influences. During the day, hard-working hands are then better equipped to withstand external influences.


It takes just a few minutes to care for your hands. Before going to bed, apply a generous amount of cream to the hands, massage gently and if you like, put on light cotton gloves.


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