10 Tips for Raising Your Child

What do children truly need to grow up feeling loved, secure and happy?

It’s not how many toys or fashionable clothes they have, nor is it having their own large bedroom, says Susanne Mierau, a family companion and qualified teacher. The things that are truly important are often not for sale: time, trust, affection and sympathy. And love. It’s our own inner bearing that we can give a child as a gift along their life’s journey. This is expressed in our actions.

Try to listen to your heart.
Susanne Mierau

  • Take your child seriously.
  • Always console your child when it cries.
  • Let your child be a child.
  • Give your child – and yourself – time.
  • Every now and then, have a look at the world through
    your child’s eyes.
  • Try to listen to your heart and don’t let others
    lead you to stray from your path.
  • Laugh with your child.
  • Be a role model, and act how you expect your child to act.
  • Explain to your child that no one – not even the two of you –
    must be perfect.
  • To sum it up: Love your child.