Natural Beauty

Through balance of body, mind and soul

Understanding life processes in people and nature

To achieve balance of the body, mind and spirit, we draw on an anthroposophical understanding of people and nature, where life processes in the human body and in nature are understood to be in close relationship with each other. On the basis of this understanding, we only develop body and beauty care products made from 100% natural substances, certified by NATRUE.

While we are making our products, we actively protect ecology and support environmental stewardship and conservation. When we cannot obtain raw materials from our own Weleda gardens or certified wild collection, we obtain the ingredients we work with from selected suppliers, very often people we have been working with for many years. Our constant investment in research and development helps cultivate beauty around the world and we build positive relationships within our own team, with our customers and with Ethical Sourcing partners.

Beauty from within

We recognise the beauty in the soil we use, the flowers we grow and the partnerships we build. And naturally, we also see beauty in you.

Inner glow

Nature's best

Natural products for health and vitality, tailored to the needs of every individual.

Natural skincare

Life keeps changing

We want our customers to feel right and look good by encouraging inner beauty to shine through at every stage of life.

Life Seasons

Get to know our lead plants

Our leadplants correspond to the different stages in life

All of our product ranges have a key ingredient we call the ‘lead plants’. Each of these leadplants has characteristics corresponding with different phases in the life story of our customers. Our leadplants are selected to have a particular effect on, and a relationship with, people as they pass through different stages in life. They are selected to maintain the balance of body and mind and for each individual’s well-being. From our body and face care for people at every age and life-stage, to our specialist pregnancy, baby or oral care, Weleda offers the right natural care product for every need.

The result of all these aspects of our production philosophy will benefit each customer uniquely, supporting the development of everyone’s inner beauty, glow, health and happiness.

A garden favourite with great healing and restorative properties


An expert in balancing extremes, stimulating and regenerating life


Lends the skin protection and restores its natural beauty


The guardian and healer of muscles and bruises


A symbol of spring to rejuvenate the body


The lemon’s refreshing and invigorating properties revive and lift our spirits


Helps stimulate the natural defence and restorative processes of mature skin

Evening Primrose

Maintains the balance of extreme dryness and moisture in the skin


A relaxation wonder that soothes body and soul


Helps with circulation and lifts the spirits


A power-packed berry with an invigorating effect on vitality

Sea Buckthorn

A protective barrier to promote healthy skin formation

White Mallow

The untamed beauty with harmony as its strength

Wild Rose