Natural Ingredients

At Weleda, we understand the harmonious connection between nature and mankind. We have used this knowledge since 1921 by carefully selecting natural substances for our products in order to support the body’s own strengths.

Partnerships that last

When purchasing raw materials, we take care not just to conserve the environment, but also to ensure considerate treatment of employees, suppliers and partners.

Ethical Sourcing Projects

Each plant has its secrets

Each of our leadplants is unique and has its own relationship to people. We aim to unlock the inner secret of each plant, revealing its character and potential to help us.

Our leadplants

What makes up our products

The highest quality standards and a careful use of resources go hand in hand. Around three-quarters of our plant ingredients come from organic or biodynamic farming and from certified wild collection.

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From the field to the shelf

Weleda is committed to treating nature in a responsible and caring way. The high quality and availability of our raw materials is secured through biodynamic cultivation in our own medicinal herb gardens, by certified wild collection, or by close cooperation with long-term ethical sourcing partners.


Products by nature

Skin Food - 75ml

The ultimate natural moisturiser for dry, rough skin everywhere
71 reviews

Firming Eye Cream - Pomegranate

Reduces wrinkles and laugh lines around the delicate eye area
3 reviews
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Calendula Shampoo & Body Wash

Gently cleanses and cares from head to toe
37 reviews

Everon Lip Balm

Nourishing natural protection for dry and delicate lips
5 reviews

Children's Tooth Gel

Natural care for children’s sensitive milk teeth
6 reviews

Balancing Night Cream - Iris

Richly supports skin’s hydration levels at night for normal to dry skin