Your Wellbeing

Beauty through balance of mind, body & soul

In the pursuit of living more simply, naturally, and conscious of our environment, while still looking, smelling and feeling amazing.

At Weleda, we are with you. Weleda believes activating nature’s wisdom is the key to helping you look and feel good, as well as making a positive difference to our world. It’s about the partnerships with our farmers and giving back to their communities. Protecting the plants we grow and use, sustainably. Respecting the earth as well as ourselves and our families.

We know that connecting with our place in the natural world is the key to our inner and outer beauty, and that of our future.


Our pregnancy range, gently helps you prepare for the birth of your baby, and our award-winning products are designed to work in harmony with your body at this marvelous time.

Mother Care


Your baby came into the world a perfect gift of nature. That's why Weleda trusts only nature’s gentlest plants and flowers, certified natural by NATRUE to keep your sweet new love in balanced harmony. Babies have fragile, vulnerable skin that needs protection as it develops. 

Baby Care

Beauty through balance of body, mind and soul

Our promise is to bring stimulation and inspiration to your body, mind and soul. At the same time, we support you as you draw out your own unique vitality and discover your inner balance.

Natural Beauty

An integrated system of medicine

At Weleda, we strive for a holistic approach in medical therapy. We build our knowledge and practice on the principles of anthroposophic medicine a system of medicine founded by philosopher Rudolf Steiner and medical doctor Ita Wegmann.

Holistic Health

Discover Our Pomegranate Range

Regenerating Body Oil - Pomegranate

Indulgent antioxidant-rich body oil for radiant skin
2 reviews
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Firming Night Cream - Pomegranate

Nourishes skin, reduces signs of ageing
1 review

Regenerating Body Lotion - Pomegranate

Regenerating and firming skin care.

Firming Eye Cream - Pomegranate

Reduces wrinkles and laugh lines around the delicate eye area
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20% off Body Wash, Gel & Scrub

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Inspire Creamy Body Wash - Pomegranate

Gentle all-natural creamy wash to inspire your senses
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Firming Face Serum - Pomegranate

Instant moisture for visibly smooth skin
2 reviews

Pomegranate Regenerating Hand Cream

Activates cell renewal and protects ageing skin
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Firming Day Cream - Pomegranate

Regenerates skin and reduces wrinkles
2 reviews