Ask our Pharmacist - Allergies

Nic Parkes, Dip Pharm, MPS, was the co-owner of Weleda Pharmacy. Here she shares ways to cope with Allergies.

Allergies indicate an overactive immune system. The immune system wrongly identifies a non-toxic substance as an invader and creates an immune reaction. The allergic over-response becomes a health problem in itself.

A variety of influences can make the immune response hypersensitive, ranging from emotional stressors to dietary and digestive issues and this may lead to an overly inflammatory-prone condition. Also, the ‘hygiene hypothesis’ suggests that lack of exposure in early life to nature and animals may result in an allergic tendency.

From the anthroposophic understanding we see a tendency to allergies as being an impaired boundary between our ‘self’ and the outer world.

The obvious boundary is the one provided by our nerve-sense organs (skin, eyes and ears) but also includes the digestive system, which processes and transforms foreign matter (e.g. food and oral medicines) to incorporate it into our ‘self’. The third boundary is that between the air that we breathe in, and our lungs. As airborne particles are filtered by our nostril hairs or coughed out from our lungs, they don’t go through the air/body boundary.

The typical symptoms of allergies range from coughing, wheezing, sneezing, watery eyes, dark circles under the eyes, recurring earaches, dry skin, skin rashes or eczema, right through to autoimmune diseases.

Some basic care principles can moderate symptoms. For an individualised approach, consult a healthcare professional.

Basic Care

Identify then eliminate or avoid possible allergens. Simplify food intake.

Protection from the outer environment

Dress warmly! Avoid continued exposure to allergens, smoke of all kinds and air pollution. Here in Hawke’s Bay we see a rise in symptoms during the agricultural and horticultural spraying seasons and in spring this coincides with the rise of pollens such as wattle and pine trees.


increase fluid intake during allergy season. Include elderberry, nettle and/or chamomile teas for their therapeutic benefits. Coconut Kefir has great hydrating qualities and it’s delicious.


Every time we eat something we are bringing the outside world in. Correct dietary choices can have the effect of regulating and controlling the protective action of the immune system, which, in allergies, responds in an exaggerated manner. Anthroposophic medicine teaches that a diet based on raw vegetables, in particular on roots, activates a structuring force that has curative effects on skin altered by allergies. In the case of allergic reactions, a basic dietary therapy is based on wholemeal cereals. Needless to say, biodynamic or organic spray-free food is important.


Sinus Drops can be taken orally over several weeks for sinus conditions.

Gencydo Hayfever Nasal Spray supports the nasal passages during exposure to seasonal allergens.

For allergic conjunctivitis, the Gencydo 0.1% Eyedrops are an excellent help. In children and some adults the eyes can be so sensitive that the drops sting. In this instance using the Euphrasia 3X Soothing Eyedrops beforehand moisturises the eyes and reduces the acidity of the Gencydo drops.

Allergies Oral Spray is a handy spray to carry around and supports the body’s natural response to allergens.

External Applications

Chamomile or lemon steam inhalations; or lemon throat or chest compresses can help to reduce mucous in nose, throat and lungs. For a constant runny nose try lemon socks (put lemon slices on the soles of feet and cover with socks).

Citrus Refreshing Bath Milk in a footbath is refreshing and generally helps bring form back into boundaries.  

Saline nasal rinsing using a Neti Pot is very effective to physically sluice allergens.

Consider washing or even just rinsing long hair in the evening as it removes accumulated allergens that may otherwise be breathed in overnight.


Always read the label and use only as directed. Consult a healthcare professional if symptoms persist. Weleda, Havelock North. TAPS PP8056.


Sinus Drops - 100ml

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Gencydo Hayfever Nasal Spray

Seasonal allergen support

Gencydo 0.1% Eyedrops

For hayfever and allergies
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Euphrasia 3x Soothing Eye Drops

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Allergies Oral Spray

Supports the body's response to seasonal allergens

Refreshing Bath Milk – Citrus

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