Arnica Body Care Set

A post-activity ritual your body will thank you for. SAVE $20.70

The ideal gift set for sports people, gardeners, active lifestylers, retail assistants, farmers, those with physical jobs... all need a bit of rescuing by Arnica to soothe aching muscles.

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The sunny yellow arnica plant thrives in natural mountain meadows and calcium-poor peat soils.

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Arnica has been used for centuries in herbal medicines as a popular remedy for the relief of sprains, strains, swelling, bruising and arthritic joints.

The Arnica Body Care Set includes:
Arnica Cream
Reduces pain and inflammation from injuries and over-exertion, and supports the healing process. 

Arnica Muscle Soak
Helps aid recovery during times of over-exertion or weariness.

Sprains and Strains Oral Spray
Supports the body's healing response to bruising, strained and sprained tissue and muscles  after sport, injury or surgery.

See individual products for ingredients and how to use.

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Customer reviews (0)