Maintains the balance of extreme dryness and moisture in the skin

The Iris plant has a long history as an admired ornamental plant, but its qualities as a medicinal plant have also been known since ancient times. Iris even received royal honour – she graces the famous coat of arms of the French royal House of Bourbon. For us, iris has also proven itself over many years with an extraordinary ability: its vigorous rootstock can retain moisture so well that iris plants remain balanced even in periods of extreme wet or drought.


Iris carefully maintains water balance through a constant process of generating, collecting, retaining and storing moisture, with water-retaining mucilage and absorbent substances such as sugar and starch in the rhizome (root). Yet at the same time the structure of the leaves and stem is such that the iris copes well at times of too much water, thanks to its simple, austere, streamlined and upright shape and the unique architectural design of its flowers.

A model for young skin

So the iris is an ideal model for the skin when it comes to regulating moisture content, and it’s because of these characteristics that iris serves the skin of young adults so well. Where normal, healthy, young skin is silky soft, firm, rosy, not too oily and not too dry, it’s because of a perfect balance between optimal moisture and a flawless appearance. But our life story is full of changes around the age of 20 – young adults stand on their own feet, test life in all its facets and gain new experiences. These times of change are also often reflected in the skin, particularly during the intensive years of experimentation between 21–28. During this life phase the skin is often subject to extreme situations and as a result can be tender and dry, unclean and prone to inflammation.

A master of balance

Here’s where we find parallels to the iris: humans have a superior ability to balance regenerative and degenerative functions in every organ. Likewise, thanks to the iris’s substantial moisture-creating and shaping forces, it is a true master of balancing extremes. The iris’s beauty, radiance and longevity depend on its extraordinary ability to balance, by adding or withholding moisture as required. In combination with jojoba oil and soothing witch hazel, it regulates the skin healthily, so moisture content can balance and young skin regains its naturally beautiful appearance.

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