Why it’s important to use moisturiser

Finding the right moisturiser for your skin

Our skin needs sufficient oil and moisture to function properly as a protective barrier. Everyone’s skin has different needs. Because daily cleansing of the face can disrupt our skin’s protective barrier, we need a moisturiser for support.

How to prevent dry skin after washing your face

Removing makeup and impurities from your face should be a regular part of your daily skincare ritual. However, daily cleansing also removes part of the skin’s protective hydrolipid film. So it’s important to support your skin’s natural protective barrier after cleansing. When washing your face, be sure to use a mild cleanser. Water temperature also plays an important role: water that is too hot will dry out the skin even more. Excessive or abrasive face scrubs and peels can also severely damage the skin’s protective barrier.

How to gently cleanse your face:

  1. Wet your face lightly with water
  2. Use your fingertips or a cotton pad to apply cleanser and massage gently and briefly into the skin.
  3. Remove the cleanser from the skin using a soft washcloth and lukewarm water.

Discover a detailed facial cleansing routine. After cleansing, your face is ready for the rest of your moisturising skin care ritual.

Which moisturiser is right for me?

Each person’s skin has its own moisture requirements. Here are four situations where it helps to use moisturiser.

#1 My skin feels good after cleansing. But I still want to treat it with refreshing care.

Normal skin describes skin that is in ideal condition, and should be cared for so that it does not dry out. A light, fast absorbing moisturiser made with natural botanical oils, such as babassu oil, will strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier and provide immediate, long-lasting moisture.

Tip: When cold, dry winter air stresses your facial skin making it dry and rough, we recommend using a richer face cream with a higher oil content.

#2 I have combination skin. A formula that provides moisture as well as a matt finish would be ideal.

The oily parts of the skin need a light fluid with a very low oil content, so it doesn’t weigh down the skin. What’s ideal is a refreshing, mattifying fluid which absorbs quickly and provides long-lasting moisture for normal and combination skin. If a face lotion is not sufficient for the slightly dry areas of your face, you can use a lightweight face cream with low oil content. For a quick burst of refreshing hydration throughout the day, use a face mist.

#3 I think my skin needs a boost of moisture every now and then.

A refreshing moisturising facial spray is ideal for intensive care in between your regular facial routines. Whether in summer to cool off or in winter to counter the effects of dry indoor heat – your skin will love the additional burst of freshness. A face mist revitalises tired skin and delivers an instant dose of intense hydration. It can also be applied over make-up.

#4 How do I care for the skin around my eyes? Sometimes I look very tired in the morning. What’s a quick and effective remedy to wake up tired looking eyes?

The skin around our eyes is particularly delicate and sensitive. A soothing eye gel can help to reduce signs of tiredness around the eyes and prevent first wrinkles caused by dryness.

The products in our All-day hydration range are formulated with 100 percent natural active ingredients extracted from organically grown prickly pear cactus and aloe vera plants, and are refined with high-quality botanical oils. These lightweight formulas give the skin a beautiful and healthy glow with long-lasting moisture. Discover more about the amazing prickly pear cactus.

Our skin’s natural protective barrier

Our skin’s natural protective barrier is composed of the stratum corneum and the acid mantle. This outermost layer of the skin, also called the horny layer, forms the boundary between the inside of our body and the outer environment. The acid mantle is a water-oil emulsion. Composed of sebum, sweat, skin cells and water released through the skin, it is a wafer-thin film that covers the stratum corneum. The composition of the acid mantle can fluctuate due to internal and external influences such as heat or cold as well as age, hormone balance and fluid intake.


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