When is the best time to use your body oils?

The best time to use our body oils is when the skin is still moist - ideally, after a bath or shower. When the skin is damp, it is able to draw in more of the skin-softening benefits and nourishment encapsulated within. Body oils may be used as regular, everyday body moisturisers or for a massage.

Will your body oils clog my pores?

We use only the finest oils that are easily absorbed by the skin, such as sesame seed, olive fruit, jojoba and sweet almond oils which won’t clog your pores. Our body oils leave your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Is a body oil better than a lotion for hydrating extremely dry skin?

Our body oils are a great solution for very dry skin. Our Wild Rose Body Oil and Sea Buckthorn Body Oil are especially good due to their nourishing properties. The lasting quality of body oils helps maintain the skin’s moisture levels and feeling of suppleness between applications. While body lotions are also moisturising, they evaporate faster because they contain water. Thus, when the skin is extremely dry, we suggest using one of our body oils to keep moisture in. For optimal hydration of dry skin on the body and face, we recommend Skin Food.

Which Weleda Body Oil do you recommend for a massage?

All our oils may be used for any kind of massage: foot massage, hand massage, neck massage, a relaxing massage or a sports massage. Our Arnica Massage Oil is our best-selling body oil for tired muscles. We also suggest any of our body oils for a calming massage before bedtime. All our body oils are rich in plant oils.

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