Natural Mother Care

Trust your intuition and mother nature

Developed by experienced midwives and pharmacists, our Mother Care products are made from plant-based oils, which are easily absorbed by the skin, being similar to the skin’s own natural oils.

To compliment our nourishing oils we use natural, soothing plant extracts including organic calendula and chamomile, gentle essential oils of lavender, ylang-ylang and orange – warming, nourishing and nurturing. They are of course free from synthetic fragrances, colours and preservatives. We never use raw materials derived from mineral oils, such as petroleum or paraffin which form a film over the skin rather than caring for it.

Our pregnancy range, gently helps you prepare for the birth of your baby, and our award-winning products are designed to work in harmony with your body at this marvelous time.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding will not just change your life but will also change your body’s requirements. Your skin and breasts in particular will be subjected to great stress over an extended period. You need to take extra care of these areas with gentle yet effective, all-natural products.

Weleda Mother Care Range

Perineum Massage Oil

Increase skin elasticity to get ready for childbirth
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Nursing Tea

Delicious organic herbal tea mixture for breastfeeding mothers

Nipple Care Cream

Conditions & protects sore cracked nipples

Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Prevents stretch marks, leaving skin smooth, elastic and flexible
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Baths have a soothing effect on most babies. The water reminds them of their time in the womb. And while at first your baby needs the safety and limits of a baby bath, after a few months she can enjoy the buoyancy of the water.

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Weleda Pregnancy Statement

Weleda products have a long history of use over many decades with many millions of people having taken them under their doctor’s supervision throughout the world.

Scientific literature is also monitored for information about possible contraindications during pregnancy. On this basis, it is our judgement that there is as yet no known reason to indicate that any of our commonly available Weleda preparations, may harm the developing foetus. However, in common with nearly all herbal and homeopathic medicines, no Weleda products have been tested on pregnant animals or people to prove their safety. Therefore Weleda does not claim that any product is safe to use during pregnancy.

We undertake to provide label warnings on any product where there is any suspicion that more than the general caution outlined below should be taken during pregnancy. Weleda supports the widely used cautious recommendation that the only medicines taken during pregnancy are those where the risk of taking the medicine have been weighed-up against the risk of the medical condition by the mother-to-be and their health care professional.