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Sensitive Skin

If your skin becomes dry, red or itchy after using certain soaps or skincare products, you are not alone. As many as one in two people are estimated to suffer with sensitive skin conditions and with increased use of synthetic ingredients in personal care products this level is set to rise.

Experts believe that in some cases, skin sensitivity in adulthood may be a relic of allergic or atopic eczema in childhood – a condition that often vanishes as children get older, but which may leave underlying vulnerabilities in the skin structure. We also know that hormone fluctuation and stress, both emotional and environmental (from harsh weather for instance), can temporarily upset your skin.

This type of skin tends to be quite dry, but responds to the nourishment offered by rich emollients (moisturising ingredients that help lock in moisture). At the same time, being particularly susceptible to chemical irritants, sensitive skin needs gentle care and the most natural of skin care regimes.

Go nuts for your skin

If you have sensitive skin, then using simple and pure natural skin care products is important and one ingredient that will be vital to your skin is almonds! Well, sweet almond oil to be exact.

Almonds have earned celebrity status in the culinary and nutrition worlds. Often overlooked, however, is their equally beneficial use in skin care. In actual fact the almond ranks among the most valuable and skin-healthy oils on the planet.

The very fine, light and non-irritating kernel oil from the beautiful almond plant protects and cares for the most sensitive skin. In nature, almonds develop in a nurturing haven, with the inner
nut safely nestled inside a shell. Under this protection, the nut cultivates its rich composition of omega-6 essential fatty acids. These key fatty acids, along with the naturally occurring antioxidant vitamin E in almond oil, improve your skin’s protective barrier function and keep it smooth, supple and protected from irritation. It is ideal for calming and soothing allergy-prone, sensitive, inflamed and dry skin.

Soothing ingredients for sensitive skin

Weleda has captured the goodness of sweet almond oil and created a hypoallergenic Almond Soothing Facial Care range for sensitive skin. Free from essential oils, synthetic preservatives, stimulating ingredients, perfumes or colours, Weleda’s Almond Soothing Facial Care range is well tolerated by even sensitive and rosacea-affected skin, it allows your skin to rest and restore balance naturally.

Almond Sensitive Skin Products

Almond Soothing Facial Oil

The richest treatment for sensitive skin

Almond Sensitive Skin Body Lotion

Developed for people with dry, sensitive and irritated skin.

Almond Soothing Facial Cream

Day and night care for sensitive dry skin with almond oil

Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion

Exceptionally mild cleanser for sensitive skin

Almond Sensitive Skin Hand Cream

Calms irritation-prone skin, delivers moisture to sensitive hands
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Almond Sensitive Skin Body Wash

Very gently cleanses and cares for the skin

Almond Soothing Facial Lotion

A light, fragrance-free moisturiser formulated for sensitive skin

"The inside is the outside“, wrote the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. What does a person’s sensitive skin reveal about them?

Gentle protection of its precious kernel

The almond directs light and warmth from outside entirely into its deeply hidden core, where the tender kernel ripens under a firm shell.

A portrait of the almond

An ocean of pale pink and white petals

In the back country of Valencia, Weleda works with about a hundred local farmers that cultivate organic almonds.

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We want our customers to feel right and look good by encouraging inner beauty to shine through at every stage of life. Radiance from the inside out is very important to us.

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