Baby Massage

Soothing body and soul

Babies react positively to the touch, it is by touching things that they become acquainted with their environment. A gentle massage helps babies become familiar with their bodies and to feel at ease with them. Pure plant oils nourish and protect the skin with an extra layer and also promote its healthy development. We recommend using Calendula Baby Oil Fragrance Free for baby massage, they are 100% natural and dermatologically tested for baby’s sensitive skin.

Baby massage is a time of pleasure and relaxation and is very beneficial for your baby. It helps your baby to relax and develops a unique bond between parent and child.

It is also important for the development of your baby. During the first few months of their life your baby corrects their foetal position by stretching their muscles and learning to control movements. 

Baby massage helps to:

  • Stimulate baby’s muscle coordination and flexibility
  • Stimulate blood circulation and regulate heart rhythm and breathing
  • Activate the metabolism
  • Create a more alert and socially oriented child
  • Relaxes baby and hence reduces the production of stress hormones, allowing baby to fall asleep faster, sleep longer and more deeply and be less irritable when awake.

Tips for relaxing your baby:

Take the time to focus completely on your baby, letting go of all potentially distracting thoughts:

  • Remove rings, watch and bracelets
  • Make sure the environment is pleasantly warm and cover any parts of your baby’s body that you are not massaging to prevent baby from getting cold
  • Talk softly and gently to your baby but try not to talk constantly, your baby also enjoys the peace and calm during the massage
  • Warm the Calendula Baby Oil in your hands before you start
  • Start with gentle strokes, so that your baby becomes accustomed to the movement over their skin
  • Get into a comfortable position making sure your arms and shoulders are relaxed. Your hands should be flexible and in complete contact with your baby’s skin
  • Try to maintain contact with your baby even when reaching for more oil
  • Use long firm strokes and be careful not to tickle your baby. Find just the right moment to massage your baby. It could be after a nap, half an hour after feeding, however not immediately after your baby has eaten.

Foot massage

  1. Place your baby’s foot between your index and middle finger (V Hold). This way you will be able to follow your baby’s flexion and extension movements while continuing the massage. 
  2. If your V hold is correct you should be able to use both thumbs to massage the sole of your baby’s foot, the toes, the ankles and so forth. Children love this.. and who doesn’t! 

Both feet should always be massaged equally and you should avoid applying too much pressure to the sole of the foot.

Back Massage

  1. Place your right hand on your baby’s left shoulder. 
  2. Relax your arm and slide your hand down slowly towards your baby’s right buttock. 
  3. Meanwhile gently place your left hand on your baby’s right shoulder. 
  4. As soon as the first hand reaches baby’s right buttock begin to gently slide your left hand down towards the left buttock. 
  5. At the same time remove the first hand from the buttock and place it back on your baby’s left shoulder. You should get a fluid, harmonious movement using both your hands while always maintaining one hand in contact with your baby’s skin. Remember to use a firm but gentle touch so your massage is more than a caress.

Leg Massage

  1. Place your left hand on your baby’s bottom. 
  2. Place your right hand under your baby’s thigh and wrap your fingers around it to form a ring. 
  3. Move your hand down the thigh while twisting and gently pulling your hand outward then continue on down the rest of the leg while twisting your hand inward. 

This type of hold helps exert gentle traction. Make sure you let go of your baby’s foot slowly to avoid the unpleasant triple flexion reflex for your baby (legs involuntarily drawing back up towards the chest).

Calendula Baby Oil Fragrance Free

Organic baby oil for delicate skin

Celebrating 60 Years of Calendula Baby Oil

Why parents and midwives have relied on Calendula Baby Oil for generations

The all-rounder from nature. A single oil with three good uses: caring for baby skin, cleansing the nappy area, and massaging your baby. For generations, parents and midwives have been able to rely on Weleda Calendula Baby Oil fragrance free, formulated with organic sesame oil and an extract of calendula. 2019 marks its 60th birthday.

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