Everything you are has its complement in nature.

You know the feeling when you are out in nature and you instantly feel more alive? No wonder. Nature is in us; we are a part of nature. We share the same origins, we grow, we thrive, we blossom, we shine. A closer look even reveals that plants and human beings, have many similarities. That's why nothing makes us look and feel better than reconnecting with the power of nature.

Give your skin what it's craving.

Weleda Skin Food now has you covered from top to toe. Choose between four different textures:
The original saviour for dry and rough skin patches, a light, creamy and quickly absorbing lotion for everyday use; a whipped, buttery fast-absorbing formualtion that melts into your skin and a rich texture to soothe dry, chapped lips.

Skin Food - 75ml

The ultimate natural moisturiser for dry, rough skin everywhere

Skin Food Light - 75ml

A light, quickly-absorbed cream, bringing immediate comfort to dry skin

Skin Food Lip Balm

Provides intensive care & nourishment for dry, chapped lips.
8 ml

Skin Food Body Butter

Provides intensive care & nourishment for very dry skin

Satisfy your hungry skin with our superfood.

Thanks to its indigenous, natural formulation with herbal plant extracts, Weleda Skin Food has long been considered a superfood for thirsty, dry skin patches. For many it has become a true everyday beauty must-have. The new Skin Food collection, based on the original Skin Food recipe, was developed to suit a variety of skin needs - from intensive care for very dry and rough areas, to everday moisture for dry skin.

  • Increases skin moisture up to 55% *

  • Soft skin feeling up to 80% **

  • Skin feels nourished up to 83% ***

* Agreement in a consumer study using Skin Food Body Butter twice a day for 4 weeks.
Tested by an independent institute; other Skin Food product received at least 47% agreement ** Agreement in a consumer study with 30 women using Skin Food twice daily for 4 weeks. *** Agreement in a consumer study with 30 women using Skin Food Lip Butter twice a day for 4 weeks. Tested by an independent institute; other Skin Food products received at least 675 agreement.

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You and nature - it's a match!

Take a closer look at how deeply connected you are with nature.

Indulge your skin with superfood.

Naturally soft lips.

When dry, chapped lips trouble your friendly smile, whip out the little green tube and put Skin Food Lip Balm to work. Simply smoothed on, our lip balm with botanical extracts nourishes your lips with natural oil and waxes, soothing and repairing dry lips and keeping your smile happy.

Naturally smooth skin.

Love the gentle, refreshing touch of Skin Food Light. It's like a long, cool drink for thirsty, dry skin patches bringing immediate intensive moisture and protection from drying out. The silky texture is quickly absorbed without stickiness, leaving the skin smooth and soft. It's the perfect companion to keep you moisturised throughout the day when you're on the go.

Luscious care from nature.

Whether it's short season or winter time, dry skin longs for an extra helping of richly pampering care. The new Skin Food Body Butter with organic shea an cocoa butter intensely nourishes the skin and provides lasting hydration with its unique combination of specific ingredients. The one-of-a-kind buttery texture melts on with skin contact, a special treat after each bath or shower, leaving your skin petal-soft.

The original Skin Food. One sold every 23 seconds globally.

If there's just one thing you need to take with you to a deserted island, it's this green tube: Skin Food Original. Our universal saviour of dry, rough skin on elbows, hands and feet - wherever you take a lot out of your skin, let Skin Food put it back in. With extracts of gentle viola tricolor, calendula and chamomile, in a rich, thick base of oils and beewswax, Skin Food loves your skin back to its best.


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