Weleda Free From List

At Weleda, we believe that only nature can best nourish the skin and keep it in balance. Since our formation in 1921 we have made products with ingredients from only natural origins. We guarantee the ‘natural’ status of Weleda skin care products through the NATRUE certified ‘natural skin care’ label. NATRUE, an international, non-profit association, sets very high standards defining the ‘naturalness’ of cosmetic products. It guarantees maximum levels of natural and organic ingredients in each product and provides assurance that a product is completely free of artificial fragrances and dyes, artificial preservatives, silicones or genetically modified ingredients.

All our ingredients are selected based on their specific activity and effect on the skin and might include: pure vegetable oils, powerful plant extracts and natural essential oils. 

At Weleda we can guarantee all of our natural skin care products are:

Paraben Free

Parabens are preservatives used in cosmetics. At Weleda we do not use any parabens in our skin care products.

Artificial Preservative Free

Since 1921, Weleda has pioneered the use of biodynamic and organic plant-based ingredients in the personal care industry. Instead of synthetic preservatives, we use grain alcohol, pure plant extracts and essential oils to maintain the life of our products. Our completely recyclable packaging is designed to protect each formulation.

Sodium-Laurel-Sulfate (SLS) Free

These substances provide the foaming and degreasing effect of products such as shampoo, facial cleanser and shower gel. The disadvantage is that they can easily dissolve natural skin oils. Therefore, the barrier function of the skin can be disrupted, causing irritation and drying. You will not find Sodium-Laurel-Sulfate (SLS) in any of our skin care products, instead we use natural plant-based surfactants in our shampoos and body washes which have a mild cleansing action.

Artificial Fragrance Free

Artificial fragrances are used by some manufacturers because they are cheaper than natural perfumes. One of the key characteristics of Weleda skin care products is that we only use high-quality, natural raw materials for our fragrances. The connection to nature and the use of authentic plant fragrances is essential to our products, and is clearly recognisable in all Weleda fragrances because they are not overlaid by components that do not stem from living nature. 

Phthalate Free

In skin care products phthalates are often used as a stabiliser for synthetic perfumes. Unfortunately, companies are not obligated to mention them in the list of ingredients as perfume is considered a 'proprietary' ingredient. We only use natural essential oils in our products.

GMO Free

In Europe, where Weleda is headquartered, genetically-modified organisms are viewed unfavourably for a number of reasons. GMOs are believed to cause harm to the environment, harm to farmers and harm to the community. Genetic engineering has proven to reduce biodiversity by contaminating existing plants with their altered material. The chemicals used to protect these crops run off into the water supply, hurting the local community. At Weleda our products do not contain GMO plant materials for the above reasons and GMO plant material is not allowed in organic or NATRUE-certified skin care products.

When you buy Weleda skin care products, you are not only buying superior quality, you can be assured you are doing something good for your skin, good for the environment and your ethical conscience can be clear.