Ylang Ylang

Island of Nosy Be, Madagascar

Ylang Ylang – The Flower of Flowers

Ylang ylang is also known as the “flower of flowers” and those who have experienced its intense aroma will know that the plant rightly deserves this name. A native to Indonesia and the Philippines, ylang ylang was discovered in the nineteenth century by French perfumers for its excellent fragrance. The tropical tree (Latin name: Cananga odorata) belongs to the Annonaceae, the largest family in the Magnolia species, which can be found in tropical rain forests around the world. The ylang ylang tree grows up to 25 metres tall, needs plenty of sun and humidity, thrives only in fertile soils and is sensitive to wind. Only after four to five years do the trees begin to regularly produce their lush blossoms. The bright green and yellow petals have an intense, sweet floral aroma that is widely used in fragrance compositions for natural and organic cosmetics as well as classic perfumes.

Rich and Unspoilt Nature on a Tiny Island

Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Madagascar, the tiny island of Nosy Be measures only 30 km long by 19 km wide. With plenty of sunshine, temperatures that never fall below 18 degrees Celsius and plentiful rainfall at night, it provides the ideal climate for the growth of the ylang ylang tree. Its blossoms with their essential oil are today the most important source of income for the local population. For several years now, Weleda has procured the essential oil of organically grown ylang ylang exclusively from 16 smallholder farms on this island.

Organic Oil Extraction for Weleda

Since 2012, once annually in early summer, the many pickers from the cooperative of 16 local farms gather early in the morning to harvest the ylang ylang blossoms. Loaded onto a wooden cart, the blossoms are brought to the distillation plant where their pure floral aroma is distilled using steam. The essential oil is carefully skimmed off and then stored in airtight containers to make its journey to the Weleda natural cosmetic production centre. From 100 kilograms of blossoms, about two kilograms of ylang ylang essential oil are won in this way. Its exotic sweet fragrance is surprisingly sensual and almost unfathomable in its voluptuous depth.


Pleasant Effect on Body, Mind and Soul

The pervasive floral fragrance of ylang ylang has a calming and balancing effect on people. It invites us to dream and relax, and is said to calm deeply hidden desires. Its scent is known to stimulate the human body’s secretion of endorphins and serotonin, also called the “happiness hormones”. Sensuality, creativity, imagination, warmth and a joy of life unite in this fragrance. In addition, ylang ylang essential oil has antispasmodic and relaxing properties for a holistic effect on our general well-being. It is an ideal companion that brings body, mind and soul into balance and creates moments of contentment with Weleda natural and organic cosmetic products.




Farnesol belongs to the 26 fragrances that have to be listed in the INCI-Declaration since 2005 under EU law, for the protection of fragrance allergy sufferers, if the amount in the product is potentially relevant to the allergy sufferer. Farnesol is a natural ingredient of various essential oils that are used to improve the odour of cosmetic products.