Clary Sage

Provence, Hochebene Mont Ventoux, France

Sage – the Fragrance of Aphrodite

The ancient Greeks were already well versed in the healing power of sage. The plant was said to have received its unique fragrance from the Greek goddess of beauty, Aphrodite. According to lore, she hid from Zeus behind a sage bush, but the father of the gods discovered her and in his wrath had the sun burn down on the bush. To protect the plant, Aphrodite endowed it with velvety and highly fragrant leaves. In many parts of the world, sage has long been a highly esteemed plant used for cooking and folk medicine, and it is used by Weleda to this day.

Clary Sage – a Fragrant, Versatile Blue-Blossomed Wonder

The clary sage is related to the common sage and is a fragrant wonder with its highly aromatic, balsamic scent spiced with a delicate lemon note. The plant is not only used as a perfume, but is also used for medicinal purposes and as a culinary herb.

Worldwide, there are around 900 different kinds of sage belonging to the Lamiaceae family of flowering plants, making sage one of the most species-rich genera in the plant world. The clary sage (Latin name: Salvia sclarea) is used by Weleda in the form of its precious essential oil. Clary sage grows up to 170 centimetres tall and is cultivated throughout all of Central Europe for a wide variety of applications.

Since 2013, Weleda has had a partnership with Distillerie Bleu Provence in southern France in an area of Provence that is famous for its fragrances and their high quality and concentration of natural substances.

On the Albion Plateau, clary sage is organically grown in long rows of plants distinguished by their highly nuanced blossoms and fragrance. A network of reliable organic farmers ensures that the plant’s cultivation is both sustainable and environmentally friendly. Each year in July the whole plant including stems and leaves is harvested for distillation. For this stage as well, Weleda attaches great importance to a modern production facility with energy-saving and sophisticated distillation methods, and regular training for the organic farmers.

Fire and Steam Reveal the Secrets of the Plant

The greatest secret of the clary sage plant is hidden deep inside it. Only after steam distillation does its invisible treasure reveal itself – as clear, delicately fragrant essential oil. Containing more than 40 natural chemical components, the clary sage is a unique and highly effective creation of nature that has proven itself to be a multi-talent for both cosmetic and therapeutic use.


During the harvest, the distillation process is in full swing from early morning until late at night, and huge distillation stills are filled to the brim with freshly harvested clary sage. Hot steam cause the plant’s fine oil glands to burst and reveal their precious contents, which is then carefully collected. In short, the process can be described as follows: the essence is collected in bottles and then its fragrance is concentrated by means of fire and steam to create crystal clear essential oil for further use.

The Profound Effects of Organic Sage Extract

Thanks to its valuable components, clary sage essential oil helps naturally against excessive sweating. It also has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, helping to soothe impure skin. Its lightly herbal and balsamic scent is said to make us feel content and give us courage.

It’s no wonder that the word “salvia” in its Latin name means “healthy”. Sage not only helps us to stay healthy, but also to take healthy action – for Weleda this begins at the source, with the plant’s organic cultivation.





Fragrance (Parfum) is the collective name for raw materials that are used to perfume cosmetic products. For such products, Weleda only ever uses a mixtures of natural essential oils. Synthetic fragrances are not utilised.