From babies to little grown-up

Let children discover their new self-confidence

From the view of a parent, it can be though to accept that the intimate baby time with your precious little one has changed over time. You are not alone - many parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers face these feelings, so don't worry. No matter if you are one of those, we invite you to cherish your child's new self-confidence as you have positively contributed to it! Discover ways and ideas of parenting experts and see if some advice might work for you and your child during this time. After all, you have deserved to regain more time for yourself again - and your child to get the necessary freedom to conquer the world by themselves. 

Offering orientation and example for imitation

How games and rituals help to strengthen children

Play, relaxation and rituals make your children strong, says the educational scientist Charmaine Liebertz.

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Can I Have a Mobile Phone, Mum?

When it comes to using media, children need clear rules and well-informed parents, says media educator Kristin Langer.

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Children are naturally mindful

According to Christoph Meinecke, a specialist in paediatric and adolescent medicine: When parents practice inner calm and mindfulness, this helps their children to maintain their own sense of calm and fully trust in the moment. 

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Leaving children space for own experiences

How to avoid overparenting

Parents should be less protective of their children so they can learn to become self-sufficient in life, says writer, educator and former lawyer Julie Lythcott-Haims. 

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Children are independent from the outset

Wolfgang Sassmannshausen pleads to allow children to do what they want as much as possible. The teacher, educator and expert on early childhood reveals the reason for this in his interview.

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Sleep and love

To stay healthy, children need sleep, love and sufficient exercise, says Christoph Meinecke, a doctor for paediatric and adolescent medicine. 

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Adapt to your own child’s individuality

Sharing Fosters Self-Confidence

Those who learn to share also learn to be part of a community, says the educator Dagmar Scharfenberg. 

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Amazement grows self-confidence

Those who look at the world with awe will never stop being amazed. This gives children self-confidence, says educationalist Jost Schieren. 

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Take time for yourself, no guilty feelings needed

“Take Some Time for Yourself and Make Use of It”

In the first years of their child’s life, parents develop themselves as well, says teacher, educator and expert on early childhood Wolfgang Sassmannshausen. 

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Separation without tears

A child’s first days in a crèche or kindergarten often aren’t easy, neither for children nor their parents. Behavioural biologist Joachim Bensel explains how to make the process less difficult.

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