About Weleda NZ

Here are some key facts about the production of medicines at Weleda NZ

  • Weleda NZ is a registered natural pharmaceutical company with a licence to manufacture medicines. This means that Weleda can legally carry therapeutic claims. 
  • Manufactured to the internationally recognised New Zealand Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for pharmaceutical products. 
  • A natural pharmaceutical company growing biodynamic ingredients in our own gardens for both medicinal and skin care products. 
  • Product efficacy based on over 90 years of product development and knowledge and formulated by pharmacists. 
  • Free from synthetic colours, fragrances, preservatives, emulsifying agents and parabens. 
  • No genetic modification (GMO)  – our policy is to never knowingly use raw materials that contain genetically modified materials. 
  • Weleda uses only high quality, high concentration organic, or biodynamic ingredients derived from natural sources.

What is the philosophy of Weleda when creating medicines?

At the very core of Weleda’s mission is the desire to heal. To restore the body’s own natural balance and to help promote healthy living. In 1921 the very first Weleda medicines were created, all based on the principles of anthroposophy, which views healing as a process that brings a human being’s body, soul and spirit back into balance with itself and its environment. This belief is still at the heart of the way we operate today. We understand that if an individual’s body is out of balance, we can stimulate its own natural healing abilities by using what nature provides.

How long do I take Weleda medicines for?

This will depend on the medicine. Please always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

How do I take internal Weleda medicines?

Drops: Can be taken straight (tip the drops into cap or straight into mouth) or in a little water and hold under the tongue for a few seconds to allow the medicine to be absorbed. 
Pilules, Tablets and Powders: Dissolve under the tongue for quick and effective absorption.
Please always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.

What is the difference between the “x” and “c” potency scales?

Weleda manufactures both “x” (decimal) and “c” (centesimal) potencies. The “x” potency scale consists of 1 part ingredient (plant/mineral substance) to 9 parts of dilution (water and alcohol). A 1x is one part ingredient to 9 parts water/alcohol. A 2x is one part of the preceding 1x and 9 parts water/alcohol, and so on. The “c” potency scale consists of 1 part ingredient to 99 parts of dilution.

Why do you use alcohol in your medicines?

Traditionally, homoeopathic and herbal tinctures were made using a water and alcohol (ethanol) mixture. This stems from a time when herbs were extracted by soaking them in wine or spirits. Water and ethanol mixes are still the most common extraction method for tinctures and are now standard pharmaceutical practice. One important reason ethanol is used in the production of Weleda remedies is that ethanol is able to extract more active ingredients than other substances used for extraction, such as glycerin or water. With a wider range of active ingredients present, the end product is more effective. Another advantage of using alcohol for tinctures is that it acts as a preservative - bacteria, yeasts and molds generally do not grow in an ethanol concentration of approximately 20% or greater. Another advantage of ethanol is that once it is ingested, it loses its preservative effect; therefore, it does not damage beneficial intestinal flora. The small amounts of ethanol taken in when using homoeopathic or herbal products are generally recognised as harmless. For example, the standard 10 drop (or 0.5 ml) dose contains 2 drops (80 mg) of ethanol. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that a newborn (6.6 lb) baby, should be given no more than 3 ml of ethanol in a single dose. This is about 30 times greater than the amount in a dose of herbal or homeopathic products. 

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