Beauty Balms by Weleda. 100% me.

To be yourself is the most beautiful form of freedom. Weleda Tinted Day Cream emphasises your natural beauty and makes it blossom.

Natural beauty with the right care

Weleda Beauty Balm is available in two shades to provide your face with a subtle tint and lasting moisture. With natural and organic ingredients, it gives your skin extra care and lets it breathe at the same time.

5 in 1 Benefits:

  • Subtle tint for beautiful complexion
  • Mattifying silky-light formula
  • Lasting moisture thanks to precious plant extracts
  • Conceals minor blemishes and refines the appearance of the skin
  • Strengthens the skin’s natural protective function


Jojoba oil is non-greasy and allows your skin to breathe

Iris protects from external factors and regulates the skin’s moisture level

Cucumber provides lasting moisture

Best for you

Skin likes anything natural. In fact, it’s in itself a wonder of nature. That's why our Tinted Day Creams are suitable to all skin types and also love sensitive skin.

Just be yourself

We at Weleda believe that being 100% yourself means being authentic. That's why our beauty balms offer natural tint for a beautiful complexion, without using any animal-based products.

Discover your shade

BB Cream Nude

5 in 1 Tinted Day Cream

BB Cream Bronze

5 in 1 Tinted Day Cream

Certified natural cosmetics

Weleda products are completely free from parabens, microplastic or mineral oils. To highlight your natural beauty, we rely on mineral pigments and precious vegetable oils.