Step into the shower and enjoy the moods of nature.

Our new Weleda Aroma Shower range is inspired by nature’s powerful moods.
Experience the scent of 100% natural essential oils and plant extracts as it comes alive in the steam of the shower – pure goodness! Close your eyes, breathe deeply and enjoy being cocooned in the feeling of nature you love.

WELEDA Aroma Showers

Weleda has 100 years of experience in the mastery of fragrance. We use only natural scents with 100% natural essential oils to create our four unique Aroma Shower blends. Each one harnesses the power and goodness of nature to help support your natural wellbeing and vitality. The creams and gels have a blend of aromatic fragrances that comes alive in the steam of the shower – whether it’s long and luxurious or a quick refresher.

Support your natural well-being and vitality:

  • With 100% natural essential oils

  • 100 years of expertise in natural fragrances

  • Formulas of 100% natural origin

  • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven

**Biodegradable formulas according to OECD

Choose your mood – powered by nature.

Aroma Showers' fragrance comes mostly from 100% natural essential oils. The scent comes alive in the steam of the shower – so you can infuse your day with the powerful moods of nature.
Aroma Shower Energy

Aroma Shower Energy

Stimulating Shower Gel
Energising fragrance scientifically proven
Aroma Shower Love

Aroma Shower Love

Pampering Creamy Body Wash
Gently envelop mind, body and spirit
Aroma Shower Relax

Aroma Shower Relax

Comforting Creamy Body Wash
Relaxing fragrance scientifically proven
Aroma Shower Harmony

Aroma Shower Harmony

Wellbeing Shower Gel
Experience the forest’s harmony

Aroma Shower ENERGY

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and let the sunshine in. This stimulating shower gel inspires your day with the natural fragrances of ginger, citronella and cedarwood and boosts you with energy. Feel alert and alive as the natural scent gets to work, taking you to a happy place.
Energising fragrance scientifically proven.

Aroma Shower HARMONY

Take a walk through the pine woods. Like a deep breath of bright, clean forest air, the fresh, woody aroma of silver and siberian fir, blended with aromatic lavandin, supports your natural wellbeing. Experience the harmony of the forest as the mildly relaxing, 100% natural fragrance gets to work.

Aroma Shower RELAX

Step into serenity with the relaxing scent of this comforting, creamy body wash. Support your natural well- being with the comforting, 100% natural fragrance of lavender, bergamot and Vetiver. Make time in your day for a gentle pause as the 100% natural scent gets to work and soothes your mind, bringing a feeling of pleasant tranquillity.
Relaxing fragrance scientifically proven.

Aroma Shower LOVE

Bathe yourself in love and tenderness with this creamy body wash. Feel pampered and in harmony, wrapped in the 100% natural fragrance of romantic rose, jasmine and ylang ylang. Support your sense of natural well-being and vitality as the natural scent gets to work, reminding you of a lovely feeling.

Feel how nature feels – with our shower experience:

Get the power of natural fragrances with 100% natural essential oils in our Aroma Showers.

Aroma Shower Energy and Aroma Shower Relax’s fragrances – scientifically proven emotional efficacy tested by an independent laboratory:

Aroma Shower ENERGY

Energising fragrance scientifically proven!

Aroma Shower RELAX

Relaxing fragrance scientifically proven!

100 Years of expertise in natural fragrances – WELEDA Standards.

Weleda has used pure and natural scents in a holistic way since 1921, and as such was a pioneer in this field. Our exclusives fragrances are designed and composed by our in-house perfumers.

Weleda's scientific view of natural fragrances:

  • Natural scents like essential oils have physically, biochemically, biologically and psychological effects – depending of course on the dose.

  • They might have olfactive properties not only through the nose – olfactive receptors were also found in the skin.

Weledas’ Fragrance philosophy:

Weleda uses pure and natural scents from aromatic plants (essential oils and extracts), because they are the quintessence of the plant kingdom. Fragrances are materialised emotions of nature – the soul of nature is revealed. That is why they touch us in soul and spirit.

Weledas’ quality standards:

  • Weleda only use 100% natural and authentic fragrances.

  • These precious substances are extracted from flowers, leaves, fruits, wood, buds and roots.

  • The quality of our natural scents is guaranteed by sophisticated analytical methods.

  • Weleda aim to maintain the a high quality from plant to product.

100 years of connecting people with nature.

Explore the Weleda Open Garden, an interactive experience where plants, wildlife and people are connected by the wisdom of the garden.


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